Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sharon Jones, the Dap Kings and One Special Lady

This is Sharon Jones. She is a woman with soul. On Thursday night we witnessed this woman have security escort a 6' 5" white, coffee shop, long hair and bearded brother from Salt Lake's hippie scene onto the stage so she could grind on him while performing. We also witnessed her dance four women and one extremely flamboyant young man in a pink, V-neck shirt named Ludwig off stage.

This woman get's down with the sickness. But she doesn't hold a candle to the drunk, high or who knows what the chuff was wrong with girl behind us at the concert. This bonnie young lass was five foot nothing, extremely hyper active and had absolutely no personal bubble.

I was getting my groove on to the gospel/soul/funk when Alex leaned over and informed me that "the girl behind me keeps on grabbing me." All the sudden I felt a hand clasp my shoulder, and felt a body jumping up and down on my back and a voice screaming into my ear "Hey, Hey, How's it going?" on the off beats.

Correction: I felt breasts on my back.

I could tell by the general weight of the body, feel of the "protrusions" in contact with my back and timing between words being yelled in my ear that this was a short, square woman who could pass for a viking queen. I looked over only to see a truly disturbed look on Alex's face. I erupted in laughter and he soon joined me. We just laughed and ignored her as the mammography took place on our backs. After about five minutes she was separated from us by a crowd of front row fans who needed refreshment.
I'm not sure if it was drugs, alcohol, loneliness, mental illness or a strange craze that can only be inspired by an African American diva complete with back up singers and an eight piece ensemble. I only know that it was rather gross, and I almost received a hernia from laughter.

It was so rad!! ! I've never been to a concert with this type of music. I wasn't alone in my ignorance of her songs. In fact, I didn't know a single jam, but I still had a blast. I, yes even I, the king of anti-dance, cut a rug with the soul/funk. Alex and I couldn't help but boogie down.

So we give thanks to:

Sharon Jones
The Dap Kings
The entire Salt Lake coffee house community who was in attendance

And for honorable mention:

She who has no name.

Can't say thanks, but what a memory!

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