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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A P&A Road Trip

Some of you might remember the trailer to P&A Winter 2010.  This post and the last one are a continuation of that Adventure.  Enjoy.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Phil has congestion. Let's make a movie.

Ok, this film is long over due.  There are many adventures which have yet to be published that will follow this.  All in due time grasshopper.  
This one comes from our 2010 Winter Adventure in Reno, NV.

Long story short, I was really congested but illness did not seem appropriate during our long awaited adventure.  This led to raiding momma Stodtmeister's medicine cabinets, purchasing a Neti pot and, eventually, a video.

Please Note: 
  • We are not on drugs even though we are speaking "bro" fluently.
  • The Neti Pot technique is just hot water and a special salt.
  • iPod touch gets honorable mention.  She's no longer with us. (Cue sad emoticon)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome dear followers.

So today I received an invite to start following my friend's fashion blog.  Evidently this will be helping her with one of her classes.  I don't know what kind of classes they have in Australia, but then again I don't really know what kind of classes they have out side Australia either.  (Other than engineering that is)

Point aside.  I figured I would check the blog to see if Alex ever posted the pictures of us in Reno. You know, the ones where we were marching around down town wearing a Boba Fett helmet and tagging the town with P&A stickers....

Oh wait, you don't.  That's right, he never posted them.  Consider this an official call out to bring Boba back from the dead ___ ____.

Point aside.  I noticed our number of followers has increased greatly.  As the offical P, from the P&A, I would like to say: Greetings.  We welcome you with open arms and will seek to provide more comic stories of our ongoing adventures/immaturities in the near future.

If you aren't following us yet, then consider this an official invitation to enter into the fold.



Monday, June 20, 2011

Honoring Pi: P&A Style

Today was a day that will never be forgotten.  It was the day that Phil and Alex tackled the 2 foot pizza challenge at Venezia's.  This is known as a "party pizza" i.e. it should feed a whole party.  Well news flash Venezia's, it's always a party when Phil and Alex get together, and we dominated your pizza.

Upon arrival Alex and I began to discuss the mathematical significance of the pizza which we were about to devour.  With a 2 foot diameter this pizza turns out to have 3.14159265 square ft of cheesy goodness.  That is exactly Pi square feet of deliciousness.  I'll spare you the majority of the math, but that also means that the circumference is exactly 2 PI, a number of great significance to engineers everywhere.  Upon this discovery, we decided we would eat this pizza for engineering, math and of course America.

Behold the pizza.  Two people have an hour to get it down.  Victors get their picture on the wall and free t-shirts that say "We took down the BIG one." David and Goliath motif? Yes please.


A sea of cheese.  And this was no Moses story.  We faced a dilemma much like Rick Moranis from Strange Brew, drown or consume our way out in an ultimate feat of gluttony.
Columbus couldn't have been much more intimidated  when he stared out at the Atlantic ocean before his journey.

To be honest, we were pretty cocky and thought it would be like eating a Little Caesar's Pizza each.

We tried different tactics including the pizza burrito,

and the pizza sandwich.

But in the end we were humbled for our arrogance.
We were so so wrong; she proved to be a formidable opponent indeed.

We knew we needed to draw upon each other's strengths.

Thunder Cats, Ho!

And so began the final charge. Phil chose to double fist his final two slices.

Ever stalwart.

The final bites.  Pure bliss.

One hero had crossed the finish line, but there is no "I" in team.

This mighty warrior was inspired by choruses of "America the Beautiful" that penetrated every nook and cranny of the restaurant.  Team America would not falter on this one. 

Bringing it home baby.  No man left behind.

The final bite be being nursed down by the nectar of life while celebratory preparations were made.

Victory. Oh the joy.

Victory. Oh the pain.  
We finished this three hours ago and just now left the fetal position.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt: P&A Style

This past Easter we had the greatest Easter egg hunting experience ever known to man. Imagine Elmer Fudd crossed with Clint Eastwood; that was Phil and Alex. Next imagine an innocent version of the Easter bunny that had to wise up quick styles; that was Hayley.

Twas the night before Easter and Alex and I went out for adventure while Hayley was at a wedding reception. We decided to see what St. George had to offer, but ended up at Wal-Mart. Irony? Perhaps.

While in Wal-Mart we purchased an Easter basket for Hayley, some candy, some plastic eggs and three dart-shotguns. One was a double barreled model that we both already own. We've affectionately named it "the gospel."

"Ya got one barrel of justice and one barrel of mercy. Pick yer barrel pilgram!"

The other two were matching, clip fed, lever action beauties that we named "the Dukes of Hazard." We also picked up a couple of bandannas and went back to Hayley's to rendezvous with her.

On our way back Alex called Hayley and instructed her to shut herself in her room; we had a surprise for her. We arrived, hid a bunch of eggs around the house, tested our new toys and then went to Hayley's room to give her a few supplies and instructions. We strode into her domain carrying an Easter basket, a bandanna, and "the gospel." Our instructions were as follows:

"Here's a bandanna; put it on. We've hidden several eggs throughout the house. One of them is a golden egg. When you find the golden egg the hunt is over. It's like your golden snitch. Here's the shotgun. Her name is "the gospel." Treat her well and she'll treat you well. Count to forty and come on out."

Somewhat bewildered, but definitely on to us Hayley began counting. We ran out, cowboyed up, and waited for her to come out. As soon as she came out we lit her up like Christmas morning!

The hunt lasted for a good 10-15 minutes. A few shots were exchanged, but the majority of the hunt was just us blasting her. She got crafty and started stuffing the darts in places where our hands could not go, but we managed to keep up the onslaught with a depleted supply of ammunition. To those of you who think we are heartless and messed up... Well, you may be right, but Hayley was a great sport, and she was laughing the whole time. Plus she got to keep all the candy. Eventually she found the golden egg and the hunt ended. She stopped hunting eggs and we stopped hunting her.

Alex and I have decided that we are going to do this with our kids every year. Only we are going to invest in fully automatic Nerf guns and will probably end up constructing a battle zone that would make the designers of American Gladiator wet at the mouth. We're thinking hunt on Saturday, get some R&R (Rest and Repentance) on Sunday.

Here's to a good memory.

Now reach for the sky pilgrim!

(Please note what a B.A. Alex is. He has just shot a dart which is about to hit the camera.)