Sunday, October 9, 2011

Phil has congestion. Let's make a movie.

Ok, this film is long over due.  There are many adventures which have yet to be published that will follow this.  All in due time grasshopper.  
This one comes from our 2010 Winter Adventure in Reno, NV.

Long story short, I was really congested but illness did not seem appropriate during our long awaited adventure.  This led to raiding momma Stodtmeister's medicine cabinets, purchasing a Neti pot and, eventually, a video.

Please Note: 
  • We are not on drugs even though we are speaking "bro" fluently.
  • The Neti Pot technique is just hot water and a special salt.
  • iPod touch gets honorable mention.  She's no longer with us. (Cue sad emoticon)


  1. i wanted a genie to come out of that magic lamp real bad. then again, maybe you only get to see the genie if you've been inhaling the hash. i don't even know if i used the word "hash" appropriately.

  2. Bob's music is the only genie Katie. But to quote the Bible, "One Love."