Monday, June 20, 2011

Honoring Pi: P&A Style

Today was a day that will never be forgotten.  It was the day that Phil and Alex tackled the 2 foot pizza challenge at Venezia's.  This is known as a "party pizza" i.e. it should feed a whole party.  Well news flash Venezia's, it's always a party when Phil and Alex get together, and we dominated your pizza.

Upon arrival Alex and I began to discuss the mathematical significance of the pizza which we were about to devour.  With a 2 foot diameter this pizza turns out to have 3.14159265 square ft of cheesy goodness.  That is exactly Pi square feet of deliciousness.  I'll spare you the majority of the math, but that also means that the circumference is exactly 2 PI, a number of great significance to engineers everywhere.  Upon this discovery, we decided we would eat this pizza for engineering, math and of course America.

Behold the pizza.  Two people have an hour to get it down.  Victors get their picture on the wall and free t-shirts that say "We took down the BIG one." David and Goliath motif? Yes please.


A sea of cheese.  And this was no Moses story.  We faced a dilemma much like Rick Moranis from Strange Brew, drown or consume our way out in an ultimate feat of gluttony.
Columbus couldn't have been much more intimidated  when he stared out at the Atlantic ocean before his journey.

To be honest, we were pretty cocky and thought it would be like eating a Little Caesar's Pizza each.

We tried different tactics including the pizza burrito,

and the pizza sandwich.

But in the end we were humbled for our arrogance.
We were so so wrong; she proved to be a formidable opponent indeed.

We knew we needed to draw upon each other's strengths.

Thunder Cats, Ho!

And so began the final charge. Phil chose to double fist his final two slices.

Ever stalwart.

The final bites.  Pure bliss.

One hero had crossed the finish line, but there is no "I" in team.

This mighty warrior was inspired by choruses of "America the Beautiful" that penetrated every nook and cranny of the restaurant.  Team America would not falter on this one. 

Bringing it home baby.  No man left behind.

The final bite be being nursed down by the nectar of life while celebratory preparations were made.

Victory. Oh the joy.

Victory. Oh the pain.  
We finished this three hours ago and just now left the fetal position.


  1. You really took the flag!!! YES! Ok, I seriously am going to marry one of you. And conceive a son in some strange foreign country!

  2. Thanks you for doing this for America. We are all in your debt.

  3. I can't believe you ate a 2pi pie! I think you are going to develop new magical powers within the week. With great power, comes great responsibility!