Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So Mormon.

Sometimes, like during study breaks, I cruise the website.

Tonight was just such a night, and as I went through I couldn't help but think,

"WOW, Some of these are just so Mormon."
Exhibit A:

Probably the least likely of the 3 photos featured tonight. But seriously, a whole family of brass players. Let me see, Mom and Dad fell in love in high school during marching band. She waited for him while he was on his mission, butta bing butta boom...

Either that or they met at BYU. Same thing right?

Exhibit B:

OKAY, this is totally an LDS chapel. And this is totally eight kids ranging from the ages of infant to "I play football (grunt)." And they are totally chucking the youngest one into the air.

"It's OK mom, if we drop him we've still got a couple spares."
"Jimmy just take the darn picture!"

Exhibit C:

OK, do I even need to go into this one? Who has that many relatives? Who get's that many relatives together? in white? and takes a picture? I'll let you think on that one for a while.

Call me judgmental if you want.
It's OK, I can take it.
I'll even take it as a compliment most of the time.
I just call it like I see em'.


  1. the best part of that brass photo is the caption about the girl on the right. you really can't exclude that.

  2. It's true, so true. I hope that this peaks people's curiosity enough to go see it for themselves.

  3. We can only hope the world cares as much as it should about these photos.