Monday, December 13, 2010

Blah blah blah!!!!!! Blah BlaaaaaaaHHHH!!!!

I am sitting here in the Noble Library, and I want to ram a pencil through my eye.

not really.
I just want some points for drama.

Really, I am just:

sitting on my butt,
checking facebook,
scoping out the snow and lift ticket prices at various resorts,
finding new songs on youtube,
occasionally looking at my notes,
imagining myself as a superhero saving the world,
or maybe just a really hot girl who wants my body like no other,
reviewing in my mind how great America is,
scratching my nose,
writing this arbitrary and utterly pointless blog post,
coming up with things to put on a list so that way I can feel like I am doing something of value,
and REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanting Friday to be here so I can get the chuff out of AZ and hit the slopes.

Yeah, that sounds about right.
Hope you like my poem that doesn't rhyme.
Poem by text centering. Wow, I feel so artistic right now.
K back to engines, youtube, and daydreaming.