Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So if you've already seen the video you may be thinking, "Where did that come from?"

If you know us really well, then you are probably thinking, "Yeah, they would."

But let me tell you the story of how this all came to be.

Last year I decided to put together an album that I would mail out to family and friends for Christmas. It was terribly last minute and my good friends Chris Smith and JP were kind enough to play bass and drums for me despite having almost no warning. The three of us only practiced together twice outside of actual recording time.
One day we were wrapping up our recording session in Nate's studio room, and I started playing the guitar riff from "Thuggin' It." They just started playing along; we all stopped and laughed when I tried to start rapping. I asked rather jokingly, "You guys wanna do a rap song?" and everyone responded in the affirmative.
So we laid down a quick track, and Nate spliced it together for us. I went home, wrote the rap, came in the next day and rapped it in the studio room. We put some finishing touches on it and boom in about 24 hours "Thuggin' It" was born.

Fast-forward six months.

I was up in Utah to visit my recently returned mission president. I was sleeping on couches by night and hanging out with Alex, Max, Austin and several other old friends by day. I asked them if they wanted to make a rap video in a similar fashion to the recording. You can guess what the response was. So we got together, shot some footage for a few hours, had a ton of laughs and called it good.

Fast-forward six months.

I grabbed all the video clips on the Phil and Alex Winter 2010 Adventure, edited and now we've got the video. It was the longest last minute project of my life, but some how I managed to keep on "Thuggin' It."


  1. Ahahaha. Phil you make me happy.

  2. oh em golly. can i claim that my favorite part are the random seashells? i mean....seashells are really hardcore and all...

  3. I think midnight lady needs a video too...just sayin'

    Come sleep on my couch again, Phil and Alex!