Friday, October 8, 2010

Ted Leo, Big Steve and the other two Pharmacists

Recently I attended a concert with a good friend of mine whom I affectionately call JBenZ. He is probably the most well versed individual I know in music of the past and present century. That's saying a lot, but he is a lot.

Anyways, we recently attended a show at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix to see Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. As we entered the venue an early 80's hardcore band's front man, Kevin Seconds was doing an acoustic set.

Yes, he did look like he was homeless in case you were wondering. He was decked out in beanie, cargo sweat pants, and dirty jacket with a month's growth of facial hair and life time McDonald's waist to complete the ensemble.

During his set we had a lovely conversation with a couple of short, pudgy girls in their late 20's or early 30's. They remarked that they weren't to familiar with Ted and his Pharmacists. J BenZ simply replied that they had better get ready to have their "faces melted." I'm not going to lie.

He was right.

It was a great show. Ted and his group have a great stage presence and played some good ol' rock.

It was loud.
We screamed.
I lost my voice.
I still screamed.

I lost my midrange early so when I screamed I hit the high notes like a 14 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert, or the low notes like a man who has just been stabbed in the leg with a dull pencil. No middle ground whatsoever. I tended to pick the mutilated scream of agony over the squeal though. The high pitched scream really lacked gusto, and would probably be more rightly compared to a dog whistle that has drifted into the decibel range of human hearing.
I guess I just don't have enough pent up teenage angst to pull off the higher notes. What a shocker right? I digress.

So the show was amazing, but probably one of my favorite parts was Big Steve. He's the drummer. All of them are pretty old after so many years of rocking and Big Steve still totally has the long nappy, greasy, dirty drummer hair. And a well trimmed beard I might add. But he's also balding a little bit so he's kind of doing the comb over with hair that is a foot and a half long. Automatically awesome!!! Plus he had the dirty sleeve tattoos, drank about 4 or 5 beers during their set, was as skinny as a rail and probably 6'4".

This man is an inspiration to us all. The band is an inspiration to me. I loved it. I forgot to mention this show was on a Monday night too. It didn't stop them from rocking out and winning the hearts of the whole crowd.

To Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

"The Champaign of Bands*"

*Funny story from the show. You'd have to have been there. But you can ask me if you want.

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